Blackbeard’s Tea Party Album

Blackbeard’s Tea Party are a contemporary Folk Rock band based in York. The 6 piece band plays a mix of traditional and modern folk music with a bit of rock thrown in. They approached me to redesign their brand and album ‘Reprobates’.

The concept is centred around a song on the album called ‘The Steam Armed Man’. Its based on a Victorian music hall number, this song captures the fear of new technology during the industrial revolution. After losing his arm at Waterloo, a soldier builds himself a steam powered prosthetic, however he loses control of the artificial limb and it takes him on a murderous rampage. I illustrated a steam punk style arm and the cogs and pipes can be seen throughout the 6pp digipak.

The typeface links to the new rebrand, the colours were chosen for the album only so that it stands alone from the brand.

A supporting range of posters were also created in which I illustrated all 6 band members with a link to the reprobates album theme.