Bành mi Booth

Bành mi Booth is a Yorkshire-based Vietnamese-inspired street food company creating amazing Bành mi sandwiches full of flavour and colour.  With an impressive and ever growing popularity, Bành mi Booth required an identity and website that would help reflect this. Bành mi Booth commissioned me to create an identity that could be used across various collateral including stationery, banner, stamps and other print mediums.The logo marque was created with Vietnam in mind, taking inspiration from the colours and typefaces used throughout the nation.The business card is 810gsm Colorplan Triplex made up of 540gsm factory yellow sandwiched between two sheets of 175gsm turquoise, printed on both sides in white foil. In addition to this a rubber stamp and large format banner was also produced.  The logo is supported by an illustration of a 1979 Estafette van, the weapon of choice for transporting and creating the amazing food.Look out for their vintage van: Gloria the 1979 Estafette!!